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Play Architecture


  • Practice: Play Architecture
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  • Firm Location: Bengaluru, Karnataka
  • Country: India
  • Year: 2005

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Senthil Kumar Doss

Architect Senthil Kumar Doss graduated from ( NIT ) Regional Engineering College, Trichy, in 1999 and began his Architectural career with his Internship at the Internationally renowned Architect B.V. Doshi’s office based in Ahmedabad. During a study tour to Auroville, India, Senthil had an eventful encounter with a sketch which eventually led him to his Mentor, Architect Dominic Dube. Having spent five years working with Dominic, Senthil established his practice under the banner of Play Architecture, an experimental design studio in Bangalore. A shared interest in Timbrel vaulting paved the way to an introduction with the legendary South African Architect Peter Rich and is transforming into meaningful conversations and collaboration.

Apart from Practice, Senthil is an academician, researcher, and Guest lectures/who conducts workshops at various architecture schools in India and Dubai. An ardent on-site, hands-on Architect with a passion for martial arts.

Practice Ideology

Play Architecture is an all-inclusive, research-based design firm emerging from the strong roots of modernism and constantly testing various architectural ‘iisms’ since 2005. In search of an appropriate architectural expression with a hands-on approach as the basis, we developed a strong affinity towards nature, ecology, geometry, order, material and structure, eventually leading us to parametrical thinking processes associated with critical regional understanding. 

Play Architecture displays a dialectical approach to design where both intuitive and method-based processes thrive. The practice believes in continuous learning that allows daily findings to affect and enrich our work—a highly collaborative environment where ideas flourish. 

A free mind is a fertile garden. We sow seeds of dreams and imagination to reap beauty in this garden.

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