Studio 4000

Studio 4000


  • Practice: Studio 4000
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  • Firm Location: ["Ahmedabad"]
  • Country: India
  • Year: 2008

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Principal Architects

Khusbhu VyasKhushboo Vyas

Khushboo Vyas graduated from CEPT University, Ahmedabad & worked as a senior architect at Neelkanth Chhaya Architect and Anthill Design, both highly regarded Ahmedabad based firms. She is currently Partner at the firm STUDIO 4000 based in Ahmedabad.

Khushboo has trained as a print-maker for several years & was shortlisted as a finalist for the WADE awards, 2017.




smit vyasSmit Vyas

Smit Vyas studied architecture at CEPT, Ahmedabad. As part of the foreign exchange program, he spent a year at Vienna studying with Prof. Karl Pruscha at the Akademie Der Bildenden Kunste (Academy of Fine Arts) Upon graduation, he worked with Neelkanth Chhaya Architects for a year & in 2008, set up Studio 4000 with partner Khushboo Vyas.

Smit is a visiting faculty at CEPT where he offers architectural designs studios as well as courses in history, drawing & representa1tion.



Practice Ideology – Studio 4000

Established in 2008, Studio 4000 is an architectural firm headed by architects Khushboo Vyas & Smit Vyas. It provides comprehensive design services for a wide range of building types. The practice’s approach is stimulated by unique conditions of Indian contexts, in response to which, key design ideas are elicited. Work undertaken by Studio 4000 thus seeks to learn from & give back to their contextual relationships by clarifying and reimagining them. Find openings in set or hardened positions & anchor projects into them through interpretation & dialogue. This connects the practice’s interest in exploring possibilities for spatial & organizational play with careful attention to programmatic needs. Attempt is made to use resources judiciously, optimize usable space & plan efficiently. To produce work that is effective across levels & happy to involve multiple viewpoints, energies & resources.

Working at different scales, with diverse programs and clientele is enjoyed equally in the studio. Infrastructural works, service buildings, labs, clinics, etc. are seen beyond their typical image of aseptic areas for mechanical transactions. In these projects, placeness is sought by opening emotional & symbolic fronts for dialogue and by emphasizing the scope of human involvement in making them.

Conversely, furniture design & small renovation works undertaken by us are valued as opportunities to study construction detail, finishes, local craftsmanship & are dealt with wholesomeness and architectural integrity.

In 2011, as part of the Moreorless Design team, Khushboo and Smit Vyas won 1st prize for the Spiretec International competition. In March 2018, STUDIO 4000 was awarded the Young Designer’s Prize by the Indian Architect & Builder. In October 2019, the firm was awarded for Excellence in Retail Category by Wade Asia awards.

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