QARTA Architektura

QARTA Architektura


  • Practice: QARTA Architektura
  • Firm Location: Prague
  • Country: Czech Republic
  • Year: NA

(“Text as submitted by Architect”)

Jiří Řezák

David Wittassek





Practice Ideology

For more than twenty years, the creative architectural studio QARTA Architektura has cultivated the environment in which we live. Urban landscape or interior design, QARTA always approaches architecture tasks in a complex way. The studio responds to the lifestyle changes of individuals and society, to which sustainability is nowadays an integral part. Combining traditional industry experience with current technological innovations, we design solutions which meet current needs and persist over time.

A broad portfolio of projects combines one thing: the emphasis on connecting aesthetic and functional solutions. QARTA considers the whole’s crafted detail and functional fulfilment to be very important.


To create a place where you feel well and want to live, it is necessary to experience and define these environments and situations. We study local and foreign reference examples and use the experience for the given context. We are interested in the social, economic, and cultural aspects that affect our practice and its design.

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