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RIGI Design


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Liu Kai

Liu Kai, founder of RIGI Design, director of L-HOUSE, Master Tutor of Donghua University, Intern Tutor of Royal College of Art.

As one of the most creative designers in China, Liu Kai’s design focuses on the spirit of the times, social trends and the behavioural experience of lifestyle, and pursues the relationship between people’s behaviour and life in design. Liu Kai creatively put forward the theory of productized brand terminal and formed a unique design strategy and logic through thinking and understanding of the current era’s changes and lifestyles. The design techniques coexist in multiple states in Liu Kai’s design, forming a distinct personal style. And they are entirely converted to each design work.

The scale of his work varies from millimetres to kilometres, covering brands, space, graphics, products and more. 

RIGI Design, founded by Liu Kai, has successful cases in various fields of brand, graphics, space and products.

Better design, better life. Liu Kai believes that only defined the clear and warm design belongs to this era.

Practice Ideology

RIGI Design was founded by Liu Kai, a team designing for life. RIGI has its personality, which is outstanding and heartwarming while keeping courageous, concentrated and practical.

Designing for life. The unshakable value of RIGI in this changing era.

Keep evolving, and stick to the ideal.

RIGI’s designs express new retail and a new lifestyle in this era. It’s beyond brands, spaces, graphics, products and other fields, connecting businesses of all kinds.

RIGI puts the social needs in this changing era under its focus and creatively invents the theory of Productized Terminal. By discovering insights from basic logic, RIGI connects life and terminal users, builds links between them, delivers productized terminal designs, and implements value conversion in needs.

As one of the most creative teams on the mainland, RIGI has won dozens of important design awards at home and abroad, including IF, ICONIC, WIN, AD100, etc.

Better design, better life.

RIGI creates better things together with people and life.

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