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Gustav Roberts

Gustav has 13 years of extensive experience in public, private and commercial architecture. He spent five years working on award-winning projects under Jaco Wasserfall and Paul Munting in Windoek, Namibia, with the highlight being project architect on the seven-story Office of the Auditor General from inception to completion. Upon return to South Africa, he was the architect up to design development for a government hospital emergency centre and several residences, whereafter he established SALT Architects in 2015. 

Gustav holds an M.Arch (Prof) degree from the University of the Free State and is registered as Professional Architect at both the South African (PrArch21288) and Namibian (496) national councils for architects.

Jan-Dirk van der Walt

Jan-Dirk is a Professional Architect with 9 years of experience in commercial, residential, and public architecture. Before joining SALT Architects in 2017, he worked on numerous acclaimed projects. These include the Heatherwick Silo (RBA), and a number of high-end lodges for the Singita Group (GAPP), most notably the Singita Lebombo Lodge (published in the Digest of South African Architecture 2016) which he helped guide from inception to completion as project architect. 

Jan-Dirk has an M.Arch (Prof) degree from the University of the Free State, and a BA Psych/Comm degree from Northwest University. He is also registered at the South African Council for the Architectural Profession (PrArch 24751018). Apart from private practice, he was also an assistant lecturer at the University of Cape Town’s School of Architecture, where he taught Design.

Practice Ideology

SALT Architects is a design studio based in Cape Town, pursuing Imagination, Humility, and Commitment as core values, toward Innovating Meaningful Possibilities.

 Our optimistic team provides innovative solutions while remaining contextually and conceptually relevant. Our office is experienced in all stages of a project’s development from conceptual design to completed construction. We constantly pursue work on a variety of building types and sizes, ensuring an inquisitive approach to allow opportunities to advance traditional patterns.

We are committed to designing memorable buildings delivered through effective project management.

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