• Practice: SpActrum
  • Website:
  • Firm Location: Shanghai, Beijing and London
  • Country: China, United Kingdom
  • Year: 2012

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Yan Pan

Yan Pan, the co-founder and design principle of SpActrum, graduated from the Bartlett School of Architecture UCL, London, under the supervision of the legendary architect and architectural educator Professor Sir Peter Cook. Pan started his career in London in 2003, and has worked in several high-profile design firms, such as Fosters + Partners, KPF and RTKL, before he started his own practice.




Practice Ideology

SpActrum is an award-winning architectural design practice based in Shanghai, Beijing and London. It was founded in London in 2012, and opened the Beijing office in 2016, the Shanghai Design Center in 2021. The founders of SpActrum graduated from UCL and AA School, and have long-term practice experiences in the world’s top architectural design firms and profound fine art & academic backgrounds. Under the leadership of three company partners, Yan Pan, Zhen Li, and Yimeng Tang, SpActrum has stepped into the core area of ​​China’s contemporary social changes and drastic urbanization process through a large number of architectural practices.

Combining an international vision and cross-disciplinary knowledge, SpActrum has carried out in-depth thinking and a thorough exploration of architecture, always in search of the quality of “profound reality” in architecture creation. They have gradually developed their practice as “Discrete Architecture”, echoing the ubiquity of fragmental and fleeting experiences in today’s world. 

SpActrum closely collaborates with clients who are the leading pioneer figures in tourism & hospitality, business, culture, fashion, contemporary art, and many other fields, with projects encompassing different scales and types, from urban regeneration to interior design, from sports parks to art installations.

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