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Rufus Turnbull (Founding Director)

Rufus is a Founding Director of Studio X and provides the creative lead behind our projects, responsible for all of Studio X’s strategic direction and design output.

There is not much he hasn’t been asked to create in a career spanning two decades and divided equally between Europe and Asia. However, a common thread that runs through all of his projects is a commitment to making great experiences that enhance people’s lives and to improving the performance of his client’s businesses.

Along with his experience in creating new shopping experiences, he has also designed aircraft interiors and challenged how the airport journey works. The firm made one of a kind cinemas, master-planned indoor street food markets and developed new concepts for retail banks.

Sam Bradley (Founding Director)

Sam is a Founding Director of Studio X and has overall responsibility for delivering all of Studio X’s projects. His career has spanned almost 20 years and covered a wide range of project scales, from standalone retail stores to institutional buildings and mixed-use developments. He has taken up leading roles in overseeing the design and delivery of several high profile projects, including Changi Jewel in Singapore, K11 Atelier in Ningbo, and the Francis Crick Institute in London.

Sam leads a team with expertise in Design & Project Management, Design Documentation, Site Supervision, Construction Coordination and Build Tendering Management.  His expertise ensures that our completed projects live up to our promises during the concept process and don’t simply remain a theory.

Practice Ideology

Our in-house experience and expertise unite architects, interior designers, branding specialists and strategic geniuses. We are all passionate and obsessive about what we do, creating unique commercial environments from the outside to the inside. From buildings to interiors, brand identity to websites. Our reputation as a team of original thinkers continues to grow. And we remain committed to producing thoughtful concepts that our clients and their customers can genuinely believe in.

“We use design to improve business performance. Brands, like people, are defined by what they do, not what they ‘say’ they do. A Studio X brand experience is always bold, purposeful, honest, and driven by great ideas that people can feel and believe in.”

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