Taller Estilo Arquitectura

Taller Estilo Arquitectura


(“Text as submitted by architect”)

Arq. Víctor Alejandro Cruz Domínguez

Arq. Iván Atahualpa Hernández Salazar

Arq. Luís Armando Estrada Aguilar




Practice Ideology

We are a studio of architecture founded in the city of Mérida in the year 2004, conformed by a group of architects united by a common philosophy: “create spaces” for the XXI century human being.

We believe in architecture as art and science to create habitable spaces and not monuments, in a latin-american context. We work with the economic resources and local, regional materials not because of fashion, but because of convenience and conviction, we believe that “all materials” have their own expression and is the architects work to get out the best of them and expound it as an essential part of the work.

We create an architecture that provokes emotion, not causing sensation and at living it, we want the user to experience architecture with all 5 senses and not just with sight.

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