Twobo Arquitectura

Twobo Arquitectura


  • Practice: Twobo Arquitectura
  • Website:
  • Firm Location: Barcelona
  • Country: Spain
  • Year: 2007

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Alberto Twose

Maria Pancorbo

Pablo Twose




Practice Ideology

Twobo was founded in 2007 by María Pancorbo, Alberto, and Pablo Twose in Barcelona. Twobo’s creative process is meticulous, challenging, and craftsmanship is always present in it. Hand drawing and model making are two key elements of the design process, both techniques require time and patience. Twobo has been awarded in some competitions and has different recognitions, such as the special mention in the biennial award of Maresme for the six apartments in Cabrera el Mar, which also achieve recognition in the Ascer ceramic awards. Since 2010, Twobo has been one of the main publishers of Engawa, an architecture magazine focused on research and theory. Twobo’s work has been published in Domus, C3, Plot, AV, and Diario Ara among others.

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