• Practice: UAD
  • Website:
  • Firm Location: Zhejiang
  • Country: China
  • Year: 1953

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Practice Ideology

UAD was established in 1953. With a history of more than 68 years to date, it is one of the earliest first-class design institutes among major national universities. The mission of UAD is to “seek harmonious environment, an international outlook, design-teaching-research integration and innovation, and the highest professionalism”. UAD acquired the certification of ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems in January 2000, and the certification of Occupational Health and Safety Management System and Environmental Management System in November 2017. The company now has over 50 departments.

The company has nearly 1,500 employees. Among them there are 1 Master Engineering Designer of China, 1 expert entitled to Special Governmental Allowances of the State Council, 2 Top-100 Architects of China, 5 Master Engineering Surveyors and Designers of Zhejiang Province, 4 Outstanding Engineers of China, 12 winners of the Young Architect Prize and Young Engineer Prize awarded by the Architectural Society of China (ASC), more than 340 senior technical engineers and nearly 500 certified structural engineers.

As a leading large-scale engineering design & consulting company, UAD focuses on architectural design practices, and delivers quality design services with cutting-edge thinking. Its business scope covers architectural design, territorial space planning, municipal engineering design, project contracting, whole-process consulting, project management, cultural heritage protection, interior design, landscape design, curtain wall design, flood lighting design, exhibition design, intelligent design, geotechnical engineering, geological prospecting, green building, industrial design, BIM 3D design technology, sponge city, smart city, future community, and other relevant design, technical and R&D solutions at home and abroad. UAD works to offer one-stop consulting and services for construction projects.

Based on cutting-edge technology and market research and development, UAD has so far completed a large number of outstanding works, ranging from education buildings, cultural buildings, office buildings, healthcare buildings, residential buildings, sports buildings and super high-rise buildings to architectural renovation, landscape bridges and rural revitalization planning.

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