unTAG Architecture & Interiors

unTAG Architecture & Interiors


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Gauri Satam

After graduating from Sir J.J College of Architecture, Mumbai in 2008, Gauri has worked with renowned practices like HCP Design, Ahmedabad, and SPASM Design Architects, Mumbai before establishing unTAG. She has pursued her Masters in Landscape from LSRCOA, Mumbai.

Gauri strongly believes that architecture is not just a profession but a passion, a way of life. Always preferring function over form, experience over aesthetics, native over exotic, while addressing human scale and its inevitable connect with nature are critical to her design sensibilities. 

She also has a flare for hand drawings, digital representations, product design and exploring innovative building materials. 

Associated as a visiting design faculty at School of Environment & Architecture, Mumbai, Gauri enjoys inspiring young minds by sharing her practical knowledge. She sees Landscape as an integral of their practice, while integrating native bio diversity as a thumb rule as much as possible.

Tejesh Patil

Graduated from Sir J.J College of Architecture, Mumbai in 2008, Tejesh’s interest primarily lies in designing cost-effective, energy-efficient, environment-conscious sustainable architecture. He has gained a deep understanding of sustainability while working at Sanjay Prakash & Associates, New Delhi. He has also worked as an Associate at Opolis Architects being the team leader, while executing the prestigious Bihar Museum Project with Maki and Associates, Japan.

For Tejesh, sustainability is not just a later addition label, but an integral approach which starts from the first seed of thought. Through his diligent research, he has been exploring ways of integrating passive solar energy and effective natural cooling systems in various projects.

He strongly believes that an architect’s passion and sensibility can be rightly channelized to tweak the lifestyle  of an individual and the society he lives in, so that some day, man and nature could co-exist hand in hand.

Practice Ideology

unTAG is a unison of two contrasting personalities, Gauri Satam and Tejesh Patil, architecture graduates from Sir JJ COA Mumbai, who have come together to craft a Mumbai based interdisciplinary design studio since 2015. The studio strongly adheres to climatic sensibility, contextual rooting, spatial functionality, material sensitivity and economic viability as its core values.

unTAG has effectively accomplished cost effective, environmentally conscious residential, institutional and hospitality  projects pan-India, while having participated in and won some international competitions too. The studio has also received some prestigious design awards like IAB’s Young Designers Award, and Trends Sustainability Award for their overly simple, sustainable and cost-effective work.

We do not want to associate our practice with a particular design language, rather we want our design to be dictated by the brief, budget, climate and context, hence the name unTAG. Being a young zealous practice, we consider each project SPECIAL, calling for a SPECIFIC design solution, is SENSITIVE to its context, irrespective of its scale or budget. Through our experimental practice, we wish to lend our service to every strata of society, till the very grass-root level. We have been constantly questioning the current trend of most affluent architects catering mainly to the rich, creating a picturesque image of their practice, while prioritizing aesthetics over rationale.

For us, it’s not just how the built form looks, but rather how it is experienced and inhabited by the users, and how gracefully it ages. We ensure an active role of the users while evolving our design, understanding their aspirations, lifestyles and constraints, which helps us collaboratively shape a project which is value for money, time and sentiments.

We feel the most difficult thing to achieve in design is simplicity, which we always strive towards.

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