Wright Inspires

Wright Inspires


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Ar. Prathima Seethur

Enthused by Ar. Jaisim’s ideology on paradigm thinking and path-breaking approach to the versatility of spaces, she went on to work with Jaisim Fountainhead for a period of over 2 years. Under the direct guidance of Ar. Jaisim, she honed her skills on design principles with practical insights and project execution capabilities. She has been connected with Jaisim Fountainhead Projects Private Limited (JFPPL) for over a decade now as an associate architect.

Greatly inspired by the works of Frank Lloyd Wright, Prathima founded her own firm and has been practicing under the tag ‘WRIGHT INSPIRES…’. She has been able to realise around 100+ projects in and around Bengaluru. The team has the proficiency to create spaces of any nature for residential, institutional, industrial, and commercial projects. Her style has been largely inclined towards building spaces ‘close to nature’. Most of her designs place a strong emphasis on an ‘organic’ approach, accentuating the use of natural elements and materials. She also shares her experiences with the young students through guest lectures on varied topics related to design and construction techniques.

Practice Ideology

Wright Inspires believes in creating spaces that can blend aesthetics and functionality with deep rootedness to nature. With their works, the designers emphasise the use of natural elements such as light and air, maximising their presence and use in various forms. They believe in executing sustainable, energy-efficient ‘green spaces while also catering to their clients’ expectations and requirements with respect to the functional aspects of the space.

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