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  • Project Name: Auditorio Colegio la Enseñanza
  • Project Location: Medellin Colombia
  • Country: Columbia
  • Collaborators: Edgar Mejía
  • Photo Credits: Bourbon Mindshare Studio
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Project Description

(Text as submitted by the Architect)

The Auditorium of the Compañía de Maria – Colegio La Enseñanza – Medellín was born from the recognition of the place of implantation, its differences in levels and the activities carried out there, seeking to generate the least possible impact on the arborization and existing sports infrastructures.

Inside, the limits of the project are given by the nearby landscape, the common circulations are accompanied by the canopy of the trees, as well as inside the auditorium, the link is constant with the vegetation outside. The project goes beyond the idea of a traditional auditorium, crossing environmental, cultural and pedagogical variables that serve as support for the educational project of the institution.

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