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  • Project Name: Esquina Chartier
  • Completion year: 2020
  • Gross Built up Area: 2.272,96m²
  • Project Location: Porto Alegre/RS - Brazil
  • Country: Brazil
  • Contractors: MKS Empreendimentos
  • Photo Credits: Roberta Gewehr
  • Others: Interior design of common areas: Rafael Kopper | Interior design of apartament 84m²: ArqEstudio | Interior design of apartament 65m²: Oficina Conceito Arquitetura
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Project Description

(Text as submitted by the Architect)

Located in the capital of Rio Grande do Sul, the trapezoidal terrain with 3 fronts, gave this project a fantastic potential, allowing the building to stand out from its surroundings.

The corner, the area where the land narrows, is close to a wooded area and a church. The integration with these elements was a premise, that is why access is done right there, through a wooden porch and metallic structure with an “I” profile, the same profile that supports the facade brise soleil.

The building’s body rises in a volume suspended by pilotis, generating visual permeability between the streets. Organized in such a way as to take advantage of the exotic shape of the land, the three apartments per floor were distributed in such a way that they were all considered ” front apartment “, the corner one being the most generous in area and visuals. Its position in the lot still respects the large existing walnut tree, which now has a direct relationship with the lower-floor apartments. In the building’s volume, each apartment is a white box, and all of them are articulated by the volume of the vertical circulation, entirely in slatted concrete. The openings were inserted in these white boxes as if they were a black board, generating unity in the different forms. In the west façade, the metal beams were anchored in the existing concrete structure to overcome the great distance between the balconies of the apartments and serve as a rail for the sun protection brises. There are 36 panels formed by a metal frame where aluminum corner pieces are ideally spaced to make the necessary sunscreen. A striking facade with movement that attracts the eyes of those who pass by.

The attention to detail starts in the basement garage: a place that is usually overlooked in residential projects, here it gains metallic tile covering on the walls where we have earth containment (usually the boundaries of the land). Thus, the intrinsic moisture in this type of situation is hidden behind the tile and ends up being drained into a gutter next to the polished concrete floor. The visual programming that starts here in the basement transmits energy to users, goes up the yellow stairs and arrives at the pavement circulation hall. There, ceramic tiles were chosen on all walls, generating a beautiful composition of colors and less maintenance over the years for residents.

The apartments have a rationalized layout: clean, rectangular spaces were designed. The rooms have a good cupboard area and all the plants are flexible, allowing changes during use. The types vary from 01 bedroom (65m²) to 4 bedrooms (143m²). All units receive the morning sun and have balconies, increasing the entry of light, which provides a better quality of life for residents. On the 7th and 8th floors are the development’s duplex apartments. There are also 3 units here, but with double height, and a fantastic spatial range. In the smaller units, a pleated concrete staircase takes us to the upper level, where a walkway connects the environments of the intimate area.

At Esquina Chartier, in addition to solar control through sliding brise soleil, we also have green coverage accessible to residents and reuse of rainwater for garden irrigation.

Company / Product

  1. Alupex – Frames and Brise Soleil
  2. STO – Self-Cleaning White Paint
  3. NGK: Ceramic tiles


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