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  • Project Name: Fly Box
  • Completion year: 2018
  • Gross Built up Area: 178 Sqm
  • Project Location: Bac Giang , Vietnam
  • Country: Vietnam
  • Lead Architects/Designer: Dang Minh Trong
  • Design Team: Tran Quoc Hoan, Ha Danh Cong Nam, Luong The Nam
  • Photo Credits: Hoang Le
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Project Description

(Text submitted by the Architect)

ARO has designed a representative center for planning area a new development town in Voi – Lang Giang – Bac Giang.

The new center will help homebuyers better understand the appearance, materials, and functions of new life when buying a home here.

The building along the main road of Hanoi – Lang Son, and the north-south railway should be crowded traffic. The problem posed for the architect is to create a unique visual attraction to draw attention. The architectures want the new center will be a model to promote green urban for subsequent projects at this planning site and neighboring projects.

The main façade of the build is east, so the building was affected by the sunshine in the morning and afternoon. So, ARO’s architects have used the method is rotate the main façade of build to the southeast .reduce the amount of light while solving the problem of natural ventilation for the project to reduce the amount of power consumption by air conditioning, to reduce the light, solve the problem of natural ventilation and reduce the power consumption by air conditioning of building . With toilets, natural ventilation and natural light coming from the roof. The landscape is used by architects to create simple gardens and sun protection. The green spaces create a soft and natural approach.

Bac Giang is mountain and Midland area of Vietnam. The architects approached, surveyed the project geography and they realized the inspiration from the curves created by the mountains and clouds here. And they created this combination by planting boxes. During the day the boxes will create the shape of the hills, but in the evening when combined with light, the boxes will create an image of the clouds.

Inside is the reception and the area showcases the miniature urban model. The space of the exhibit is almost entirely opened by the glass to create the connection between man and nature. The glass doors divided space to ensure the natural ventilation. The working and operating space are also completely open to nature and the green spaces around to create more energy for the individuals working here. The wall of material is natural stone, combined with the change of height of celling as the terraced fields of the Midland area, creating a unique space for the works.



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