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  • Project Name: Orvay
  • Completion year: 2017
  • Project Location: Barcelona
  • Country: Spain
  • Lead Architects/Designer: Isern Serra Vert
  • Design Team: Isern Serra, Sylvain Carlet
  • Photo Credits: José Hevia, Salva Lopez, Werena Galias
  • Others: Graphics: Raquel Quevedo, Mikel Romero
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Excerpt: Orvay is an Interior Design project by Isern Serra in Barcelona. Orvay is a place to taste wines, where the whole space has been created from color to suggest three different ways to discover the great typology of wines that his cellar hides.

Project Description

(“Text as submitted by architect”)

The place is located at the beginning of the Born’s Rambla, it’s main facade is just in front of Santa Maria del Mar, an emblematic place of the city. It also has a large opening that gives a small passage through which it is accessed through a large medieval arcade.

Orvay is a place to taste wines, where the whole space has been created from color to suggest three different ways to discover the great typology of wines that his cellar hides. We started with the idea of ​​the game of color. We wanted color to be the great protagonist of space. Thus the zones are delimited by the three tones. Earth color that refers to geography or D.O. (the most classic way to choose a wine). The green color alludes to the fields of vines and the different typologies of Vitis or other vines, of the ways of referring wines. The pink color that evokes the grape, is one of the elements that give more character to the wine and of which there is more variety.

We wanted an honest and natural space but at the same time sophisticated as the wine itself. Thus the false ceilings were eliminated and it was decided to show the very structure of the building with its medieval walls and arches, combined with a natural light oak wood floor in Hungary tip that stains color in the different areas. The white marble has been chosen to create the custom-designed bar and furniture,

We liked the chromatic relationship that was generated between the three spaces so no element separates them visually, only the forcefulness of the own color in the different materials marks this separation.

The first area that is where the bar is, its walls have been left of natural stone and the environment is dyed a beige color, as a metaphor for the Denomination of Origin, the land. This tasting area is made up of three high tables of white marble with a sculptural character, which plays with the balance between the forcefulness of its massive circular base and the lightness of its envelope. The chosen stools are Afternoon by Menu that contrast for their lightness of lines with the marble tables designed to measure. As a transversal idea, we liked to create these great circles as an abstract concept of the wine world. Thus in this area, the circle was materialized in a mirror dyed red where its color reflection is like looking through a glass of red wine. The second zone refers to the vineyards, to the different types of vine with which the wines are generated, that is why it is dyed green as a block color. This area, in addition to housing the large black iron tube wine rack, also houses the table area, with a large natural oak bench that gives unity to the environment and a large mirror that highlights the use of the existing medieval arch, generating a new space. The chairs are the Resuld de Hay designed by Friso Kramer & Wim Rietveld.

Finally, the third area that refers to the grape, another of the proposals when choosing wine where the entire space is a pink color. This smaller area is crowned by a large wooden table formed by the pattern of the Hungarian tip board that is used on the ground serves as a reserved for groups.

The lighting very important in the room for its double life, had to work both day and night, seeks the corporeality of this element as ethereal as light and therefore linestras draw lines floating in space, the neon is it becomes a circle of light and the Anastassiades lamp for Flos is a perfect sphere. Three simple geometries that attract us a lot in the studio.


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