Weekly Highlights 2022 #8

Project of the week - House of Wisdom (Sharjah Digital Library) | Foster + Partners


Posted on: February 20th, 2022

Weekly Highlights 2022 #8

Excerpt: Archidiaries is excited to share the “Project of the Week”. Along with this, the weekly highlight contains a few of the best projects, published throughout the week. These selected projects represent the best content curated and shared by the team at ArchiDiaries.

House of Wisdom (Sharjah Digital Library) | Foster + Partners

Interpretation Center of the Romanesque | Spaceworkers

House Dyuthi | Tales of Design Studio

Casa Asolo | Saymon Dall Alba Arquiteto

Creative Office | LineHouse Design

Concrete House | Rob Henry Architects

H Dining | PHTAA Living Studio


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