2A Continental Architectural Awards | Winners Announced


Posted on: December 6th, 2021

2A Continental Architectural Awards | Winners Announced

The 2A Continental Architectural Awards (2ACAA) is a stage designed to appreciate the pioneering works of architecture, planning practices, and design. Through the relentless efforts of organizing committee under leadership of Ahmad Zohadi, the Award seeks to recognize and encourage architecture concepts that effectively address the needs and objectives of societies – all over the globe.

Organized by the 2A magazine, these prestigious awards work to honour the reputable architects whose design and built work demonstrates a flawless blend of talents, vision as well as commitment. We recognize and appreciate the architects who have worked to produce steady and noteworthy contributions to humankind and the built environment by way of the splendid art of architecture.


Europe Winners 2021


Winner: Conceptual:


Gradplan  Moscow


Winner: Residential:

Peloponnese Rural House

Ivana Lukovic


Winner: Urban projects

Playground and landscape for Fayna Town residential complex

Aleksey  Bokoch


South & Central America Winners 2021


Winner: Conceptual:

Parque en Altura Barrio 31-Ideas Contest-3° Prize

ATV  Arquitectos


Winner: Residential:

SENS Nicaragua

ATV Arquitectos


Winner: Urban projects

Playground and landscape for Fayna Town residential complex

Aleksey  Bokoch


North America Winners 2021


Winner: Commercial:

Amant Art Campus

Florian  Idenburg


Honorable Mention: Conceptual:

suspended house 

Milad  Eshtiyaghi


Asia Winners 2021


Winner 1: Commercial:

Hitra Office & Commercial Building

Hooman  Balazadeh


Winner 2: Commercial:

Saba Steel Entrance Gate

Ahmad  Saffar


Honorable Mention: Commercial:

Keshishi Office Building

Maziar  Bahrami , Negin Bahrami


Winner 1: Old & New:

Shindagha Historic District

Ahmad Al Ali & Farid Esmaeil


Winner 2: Old & New:

The Green-blue Yard: An Adaptive Reused as Student Coffeeshop in Historic District of Yazd, Iran 

Azadeh   Khaki Ghasr


Winner 1: Public:

‘Sarvgard’ Water Building: Central Water Utilities Building at Karizboom

Hossein Pour Mehdi Ghayem Maghami



Winner 2: Public:

Nanjing Drum Tower Hospital

Vincent  Zhang



Winner 3: Public:


Yoshiaki  Tanaka



Winner 1: Residential:


Motomu Uno, Keizo Ikemura



Winner 2: Residential:

Zomorrod Building

Hamid  Khoshgam



Winner 3: Residential:

Kolbadi House

Shahab  Mirzaean Mahabadi


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