MaterialMatrix | Tangible & Intangibles | Interior – Skin – Context

MaterialMatrix | Tangible & Intangibles | Interior – Skin – Context


  • Project Name: MaterialMatrix | Tangible & Intangibles
  • Student Name: Vishnu Asrith
  • Academic Studio: Interior | Skin | Context – 3
  • Softwares/Plugins: AutoCAD , Rhinoceros 3d , Grasshopper , Lumion , Adobe Photoshop
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Excerpt: MaterialMatrix | Tangible & Intangibles, an Interior Architecture academic project by Vishnu Asrith, is a library of materials incorporating technological advancements. The project allows students and professionals to work together, allowing interaction, understanding, and growth. Multifunctional spaces make this space flexible to inhabit. With this in mind, a library of materials featuring AR and VR in Ahmedabad, a heritage city, is being developed.

Introduction: Material plays a very important role in designing. As an architect or a designer, it is very important to know the materials and their finishes available in the city and worldwide. Materials tend to shape a space or a building with its underlying concept and make a mark on it. It is not only about the conceptual identity but also the understanding of the cultural, social, and economic factors that define a space by shaping a 3-dimensional identity. With this in mind, a library of materials with AR and VR in Ahmedabad, a heritage city, is developed.


Site Context

On the banks of the Sabarmati (Ahmedabad) is this site, which affords a panoramic view of the river. On the side, there is a bridge that provides a higher viewpoint.

MaterialMatrix | Tangible & Intangibles | Interior - Skin - Context

Design Process

The material library is the best source for all the students to access all the materials and textures available and even connect to the vendors if required. The library will have a database of books with information on the history of the material and when and where the material origin was. It will also have an encyclopedia with information on every material available in the library, i.e., its properties, uses, availability, etc.

MaterialMatrix | Tangible & Intangibles | Interior - Skin - Context

All these facilities provided in this library will help students increase their knowledge of materials. They need not go to different shops to finalize their material board for their ongoing academic project. This library is a one-stop solution for all practicing designers in and around the city. They can come here and finalize their material palette and show the same to the client, all of these in one place. There are also informal discussion spaces and a formal meeting room that accommodate 15-20 people for meetings and brainstorming sessions. This multitude of functions offers visitors a space of their kind to read, process, and implement.

Final Outcome

This Material Library connects the vendors of each material to the designer and the client. The process helps to finalize the material and the vendor at the same place. The aspect of material selection is done through AR, wherein one can scan the samples to get the details of the materials and the vendors’ contact.

MaterialMatrix | Tangible & Intangibles | Interior - Skin - Context
Individual Pods with a Parametric Ceiling
MaterialMatrix | Tangible & Intangibles | Interior - Skin - Context
Steps converting to pause points to become individual or group working zones

Individuals who want to spend time alone reading can have their individual reading pods. This way, the users can get privacy and work in their comfort. Another unique program incorporated for the students is the experience of a walk-through. This walk-through allows the students to virtually experience ancient buildings and monuments worldwide. The user will be provided with a Bluetooth headset and a set of controllers, enabling them to tour the buildings. 

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