Breaking Work 3.0 | Winners


Posted on: January 1st, 2022

Breaking Work 3.0 | Winners

Breaking Work 3.0 competition is to design a co-working space for offices/small enterprises to hire only for a few months in a year. The need of this office is different from a solo co-working and requires some extent of customization to make this a tailormade office environment while keeping the good parts of co-working intact.

The design of this co-working space is particularly tricky since every company has its own specific needs when it comes to office equipment. But in this challenge, we are mainly trying to see how a single space can be transformed to perform an array of functions with smart design interventions.

The furniture will be the constant occupant of this space. Its dismantling and installation process must be made convenient, requiring less labor and time. Modular, convertible, compact, foldable, or any other type of furniture design can be used. They could be merged into the structural design or be removed and stored away, used only when needed. The participants can come up with their own ideas for these temporary workspaces. Despite the use of modular elements, the scope for personalization must be provided.



The Spiraling Circuit

We imagined a new platform; A continuous platform that can escape the vertical and horizontal surveillance network of Taylorism while at the same time integrating each space like a single space. As a result, the main concept of the building we propose is a continuous circuit. The continual flow on the spiraling-line induces active interactions with the user.


People’s Choice Awards:


Our team designed an office building that is flexible, collaborative, sustainable and adaptable- we named it Collab. Collab will transform a tired and gloomy office into a motivated and inspirational one – which will eventually reflect positively on the overall business performance.


The Co-working Hub

The risk level of the spaces shared with hundreds of people in gigantic square meters was old-fashioned for the design of new normal office. In this context, we focused on a new plan typology which the same air does not circulate and the spaces where fresh air reaches independently.

Editor’s Choice Awards:

Breaking work 3.0

The concept arises from the search for a Coworking space in which the way of working is dynamic, spaces connected to each other are proposed, the presence of spaces that coexist with the exterior and the interior speaks to us of this dynamism, a space fluid that is translated as ramps in which they give attractive visuals both internally and externally.



Electric city flexible co-working space

history and texture of city based co-working space edible for future demands.

Co – Work

Co- WORK how I will like to name this Building is a ‘solitaire’ design which re-defines the way we work and perceive an office space.

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