Children’s Hospital Cluj Napoca | Winner Announced




Between the 13th and the 17th of June 2021, the competition jury debated in order to decide the results for the “Children’s Hospital Cluj-Napoca” International Design Competition. The Contracting Authority of the competition is the Cluj County Council.

Winners of the competition are as following:

Winner 1

Children's Hospital l Cluj Winner_1
Children’s Hospital Cluj Winner_1

Main authors: PLANHO (architects) Enrique Vallencillos Segovia, Manuel Perez Hernandez
Co-authors: Mara Victoria Vergu-Bogoescu, Matei Bogoescu, Radu Costăchescu, Tudor Costăchescu
Architectural collaborators: Alfonso Fernandez Sanchez, Alejandro Vallencillos Portillo, Ildefonsa Rodrigues Martinez
Specialty collaborators: Andrei Aioanei

“The winning project stood out as one of the firm favorites amongst the jurors from the initial viewing of the exhibited schemes. It was particularly pleasing that following the initial appraisal of the scheme it stood up very well to a much greater depth of scrutiny across a wide range of crucial considerations.

The scheme is thoughtfully, professionally, and very beautifully presented. It was one of the submitted projects that gave the greatest consideration of it being experienced through the eyes of a child. It has skilfully considered the impact of scale to make the proposal friendly, approachable, and welcoming.

It goes to some lengths to provide a positive impression as an antidote to the character of many hospitals which have been built historically around the world which present themselves as little more than a functional factory for repairing the human body.

It is particularly important that a children’s hospital does not convey this impression and carefully considers the importance of looking after the mind and spirit as well as the body, in order to help reduce the anxiety of the children and their families that accompany them.” – Jury feedback

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Winner 2

Children's Hospital Cluj Winner 2
Children’s Hospital Cluj Winner 2

Main authors: arch. Florin Radac, arch. Bogdan Chioran, arch. Dan Andrei Pintea
Co-authors: arch. Spiro Koça, arch. Andreea Năstase
Architecture Collaborators: arch. Ileana Dan, arch. Vaida Antineea
Specialty collaborators: Architectural Visualisation – arch. Ruben Sabou, arch. Ciprian Colda, Claudia Petrasciuc

“The jury was very impressed with the overall quality of this submission. The drawings, diagrams, supporting text, and illustrations are very clear and concise and thoughtfully considered. The scheme is very rigorous and rational, displaying a high degree of capability and understanding of the complex issues involved.” – Jury feedback

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 Winner 3
S.C. ARHI BOX S.R.L. in association with S.C. ARHI ACTUS DEVELOPMENTS S.R.L.

Children's Hospital Cluj Winner 3
Children’s Hospital Cluj Winner 3

Main author: Arh. Gabriel Cătălin Colobățiu
Co-authors: Arh. Dr. Dragoș Dascălu, Arh. Dr. Mihai Racu, Arh. Adrian Florin Pop , Arh. Călin Florin Lada
Architecture collaborators: Arh. Andrei Vasile Andone, Arh. Ștefania Pustai, Arh. Gabriel Sevan, stud. Arh. Hunor Bako, stud. Arh. Beatrice Kertesz
Specialty collaborators: Medic specialist epidemiology Adriana Iliescu, Dr. Mihaela Dascalu

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“This project was especially appreciated for its disposition on the site, which would give the future ensemble a clear position towards the city, but still making good use of the natural landscape of the eastern hill.Thus, its urban qualities, favorable to the possible inclusion of the hospital in the metropolitan fabric, were counterbalanced by the more intimate areas, dedicated to patients.” – Jury feedback

Find Complete results on the competition WEBSITE.


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