CLT Induction : Online Award Ceremony and Panel Discussion



The Competition challenges the participants to design an urban or peri-urban housing scheme with an innovative construction system using CLT. It is to explore cross laminated timber as a building material to fulfil the need of urban housing which is one of the main objectives of the Indian Government. The aim of the competition is to create awareness and promote Cross Laminated Timber as a primary building material for the future of housing in India. The idea is to have a system-based design to refine Housing Architecture in India making it more sustainable, green, quick and easy to construct.

Apart from the Design Competition, CLT Induction also conducted three interesting workshops with a variety ot tutors to explore the possibility of the material.

The Results for the competition were announced through a online webinar with participants and jurors. It was followed by a small presentation by the winners and a panel discussion.

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To know more about the winners and participants you can visit here.


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