Hybrid Co-Working Competition | Design Competition

Hybrid Co-Working Competition | Design Competition


  • Type: Design Competition
  • Last date of Registration: 14/07/2023

About Competition

TerraViva Competitions launches HYBRID COWORKING, a new interior design competition that puts the focus on the transformation of existing bars and cafés all over the world. Prizes up to 7.000 € will be awarded to the winners selected by an international jury panel composed of, among others, Fabrizio Vizzi (Rosan Bosch Studio), Jesica B. Orizi (Maris Interiors), Giulio Ubini (Tuc Studio), Nadica Filipovic (ARR&D Interiors);


The goal of this competition is to redesign existing cafés and restaurants by transforming their layouts – fully or partially – into a completely new concept that allows them to combine their regular functions with coworking uses.

Could you imagine how your favourite bar could become the place where you go to work every day? The idea of this competition represents the perfect opportunity to maximise underused spaces in order to offer more quality places for those nomad workers who are constantly looking for cool and innovative locations.

Each designer will have the chance to choose their own site. The contest does not foresee a specific location for the project: you can select any existing bar, restaurant, pub or café that you prefer and which you believe could become a new amazing Hybrid Coworking. 

Think about how the old corner bar where you regularly take your coffee or the pizzeria near your house could evolve into a new generation of coworking without losing its original identity and function. Be creative and explore the endless possibilities of interior design!


Resilience is a precious value applicable in any situation. In the case of interior design, it is clearly a crucial aspect to facilitate a multiplicity of uses. Hybrid Coworking gives each participant the chance to experiment with new ideas to transform existing spaces!

Although the competition program is very open, designers should take into account some fundamental aspects when making project decisions. The first one is furniture: think about what kind of elements will help you to mix comfortable spaces to work during some hours, with the original activities of the chosen location during other moments. 

Pay attention to the selection of armchairs, shelves, bookcases, benches or any other piece of furniture that could make spaces more functional and appealing. Feel free even to design your own equipment!

Second, be sure to consider both natural lighting sources for table and seating arrangements, as well as plugs and strategic artificial lighting points to provide adequate workspaces all day long. In addition, the use of colours, textures and materials can help to define specific areas and to create different atmospheres depending on the uses that will be required.

Showing the former layout of your project’s location will be crucial to understand the power of your design. Use your imagination and revolutionise the coworking concept!


Competitors have to submit two A1 panels (59,4 x 84,1 cm) landscape oriented + a brief text describing the proposal (up to 250 words). Panels must contain all the necessary graphic information to explain the project in the best way possible (title, diagrams, sketches, 3D visualizations, plans and sections, collages, model photos, etc.). All kinds of graphic representations will be accepted.


  • Fabrizio Vizzi | Rosan Bosch Studio (Copenhagen, Denmark)
  • Jesica B. Orizi | Maris Interiors (London, United Kingdom)
  • Mark Adamson | Formative Architects (Belfast, Northern Ireland)
  • Manon de Bont| MDB Architects (Berlin, Germany)
  • Giulio Ubini | Tuc Studio (Milan, Italy)
  • Nadica Filipovic | ARR&D Interiors (Belgrade, Serbia)
  • Matteo Pettinaroli | Needle Agopuntura Urbana (Milan, Italy)
  • Zofia Kasińska | Studio Zeta (Pszczyna, Poland)


The competition is open to architects, designers, students, urbanists, engineers, artists, makers and anyone interested in the fields of interior design and architecture. Participants can join the competition either individually or with a team.


1st Prize: 3.000€

2nd Prize: 2.000€

3rd Prize: 1.000€

4 Golden Mentions: 250€ each

10 Honorable Mentions

30 Finalists

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