DI | Design and Innovation Competition 2021 | Winners


Posted on: January 7th, 2022

DI | Design and Innovation Competition 2021 | Winners

DI-2021 stands for Design and Innovation in 2021. The design competition is open to both concept projects, as well as realized projects by young design and tech professionals worldwide. International Talent Competition DI-2021 is about finding and celebrating talent that blurs boundaries between design, tech and business. It aims to facilitate innovation, promote and celebrate work that challenges the traditional set up of an industry or business through a new method, creative solution or a strategy. We are here to learn from each other and celebrate work that questions our everyday life in a fundamental way. It is about identifying opportunities and developing responsive creative solutions. Innovation is happening everywhere, new industries emerge, but how can we produce better design, build innovative businesses and create smarter technological solutions?

Platinum Prize + Social Impact Award

Joyce Leung

Gold Prize

Vsevolod Yushakov

Silver Prize

C House Team

Honorable Mention

Wendy Teo

Le Van Long

Ali Mohammadzadeh

Selena Yao

Allison Jang

Milan Rankovic

Ling Min Yi

Louis Philippe Garneau

Liu Ruifeny

People’s Choice Awards

 Majed Abuseif

Explore the entire result on the competition WEBSITE.

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