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The workshop attempts to take the participants through the complexities of digital programming. This helps in creation, moderation and optimization of complicated geometries. It further introoduces CAD/CAM to be able to create prototypes using lasercutting or CNC. The workshop is open for all with a basic understanding of AutoCad

Dates: 11-18 June, 2020

Stages of the Worskhop

  • Stage-1: Developing for on Rhino
  • Stage-2: Developing Grasshopper script
  • Stage-3: Fabrication ready drawings

Tutor: Arpi Maheshwari

Arpi Maheshwari is an Architect by profession and has her own practice named AlignDL. She has M.arch in Emergent Technologies and Design from AA, School of Architecture, London. She has been teaching in the field of Computational Design at various Schools including Cept University since 2016. Her practice involves Parametric Design with Environmental Evaluations and Digital Fabrication.



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