Fantasia | Winners Announced

Fantasia | Winners Announced


Fantasia theme park competition evolved as a means of combining the three means of leisure that they had back then: traveling fairs, pleasure gardens, and exhibition fairs such as the famous Crystal Palace Exposition. These experiences were enhanced with industrialization, where rides such as carousels with horses galloping, and ferries wheels became a trademark of theme parks around the world. 

As time passed by, people had started to dedicate a whole lot of space for leisure and entertainment, of various forms. Carnivals, cinema halls, and shopping malls are some generic forms of entertainment, while theme parks are more focused on providing entertaining rides and games, based on an intricate theme.

Today, theme parks show an intense level of competitiveness in their creativity and conception. While funfairs were temporary and mobile, theme parks are stationary and built to last for long-term operation. They showcase themed rides, Ferris wheels, and roller coasters, etc.

What makes a theme park distinct is its ability to tell stories through its attractions. The essence of a theme is poured down into the ambiance, landscaping, color palette, and other elements that make the experience unique to its visitors. 

How can the ability of storytelling be enhanced through design efforts?


The challenge of the competition is to design a theme park with ‘the mystical land of Ancient Egypt’ as a theme. The park design must make all people feel welcome, and have a little something for everyone. 



The mystical land of Ancient Egypt

Fantasia | Winners Announced


The place where everyone can have fun, spend time as they want. 4 zones with different functions, central half glazed pyramid with -1 floor and panoramic view of the underwater world of Egypt, and the story about two Egyptian gods, brothers, which will remind us of the beginning of the world, family and make us think about many things.

People’s Choice Awards:

The Mystery of Pharaoh Kingdom

Fantasia | Winners Announced


The theme park resembles a journey to the mystical land of Ancient Egypt where visitors with different ages can enjoy their visit experience through several fun rides such as the roller coaster, the carrousel, the Ferris wheel and the wave pool, which creates an ancient Egyptian journey with a cheerful welcoming ambience.

Editor’s Choice Awards:

Egypt Theme Park – Canberra – Australia

Fantasia | Winners Announced

Pharaonic Themed theme park in heart of Canberra will serve unique Experience , attractions and Journey to the whole nation and Life long Unforgetable Experience .


Land of Ancient Egypt

Fantasia | Winners Announced


Ancient Egypt Theme Park in Canberra, Australia


Fantasia | Winners Announced




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