Forum | Townhall Design | Winners Announced


Posted on: February 7th, 2022

Forum | Townhall Design | Winners Announced

Forum, a challenge to design a public town hall that will not only be a workplace for civilians, but also an interface between them and the citizens of the city. 

It should offer a platform for people to participate in political events. The transition from private to public access spaces can be aided by open spaces. The hall must be accessible to all the city inhabitants. The layout must segregate as well as integrate the public, as per the situation. 

Aesthetics must represent the city and its people. Contextual aspects of the site must be taken into account, so it is an escape from the monotonous landscape of urbanity, but at the same time blend with surroundings in a unique way. 

The aim of the design is to promote social interaction amongst citizens and the officials, providing a common ground. Transparency must be moderated to balance approachability with privacy and security. Multi-functional spaces can be designed to cater to public needs during events, festivals, or other interactive sessions.


Salzburg Forum

The concept is to reflect both hierarchy and approachability and integrate the community in the spatial design of the forum



It’s here for the benefit of everyone, embodying the ideal of a society.


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