Furniture Design | Winners Announced

Furniture Design | Winners Announced


Furniture design is influenced by history, structural forces, material properties, the surrounding environment, ergonomics, and aesthetics. Furniture opens the door towards an increased versatility of space. It is architecture on a minor scale.

Different architectural styles and furniture design trends evolved with the advancement of material and technology. Furniture design concepts lead to the production of useful items that result in tactile experiences. Furniture design and architecture tend to converge with the increased demand for flexibility.

The contest looks at discussing nuances and narratives of furniture design.



Ileana Thais


Furniture Design | Winners Announced

Iconic Revelations

An ode to Bauhaus furniture


Honourable Mention:

John Ombrog 

Furniture Design | Winners Announced


Invention, Evolution, And Furniture

An essay on the ever-changing role of furniture and furniture design.



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