Intergrating the Opposites : Experiences at Dustudio. Auroville.

Shades of Green 2.0 | Live Interview with Dharmesh Jadeja, Principal at Dustudio


Posted on: April 27th, 2021

Intergrating the Opposites : Experiences at Dustudio. Auroville.

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About the Talk

Architectural Practices are going through a big rethink as the developmental issues are increasingly becoming challenging ; Interdisciplinary approaches, Networking & Collaborations are  inevitable and the very nature of an architecture practice is going through transformational times; the role of an architect is being redefined by the value system, social engagement & caring for the environment at this crucial juncture. This conversation aims to share experiences, thoughts and enquiries at Dustudio, which sees these challenges, as an opportunity to redefine the profession, by the process of unlearning, as well as relook at our own timeless traditions; the need for the profession is to create a more humble, equitable and accessible environment for younger practices, as well as creating networks & a space for artisans, architects & designers, alike.

Dharmesh Vikramsinh Jadeja
Auroville, India

Over last 29 years, Dharmesh Vikramsinh Jadeja has lived & worked in Auroville.

His design approach is firmly rooted in local culture & communities, exploring aesthetics of sustainability, that touch core of Indian wisdom; with interest in exploring the role of a designer in instigating dialogue around issues of development & for social change, that is rooted in its living culture.

Live Interview on Facebook and Youtube



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