Jack and the giant hotel | Winners

Jack and the giant hotel | Winners


Jack and the Beanstalk is a well-known fairytale, originated in Britain. It is a story of Jack, and how he discovers the land of a ‘Giant’ in the sky, that is reached by stalks from magic beans. As Jack moves through the giant’s world, we see how he sees and experiences things in a new manner.

Giants are common ‘otherworldly’ creatures of British folklore, believed to be human ancestors. Although a myth, it is exciting to envision how the world, our cities, would look like if we existed with the Giants. This idea is similar to the concept of the worm’s eye view. 

When we view things with our eye level on the ground (like a worm), we see the world from a three-point perspective. Every object looks mighty and structures look endless. With the change in scale, our understanding of elements will change as we start viewing them from the bottom up. Our way of perceiving and experiencing the world and its elements will transform drastically.

Can you imagine a scenario where Jack climbs to the top of the giant beanstalk and finds a restaurant there, what would it look like to him?

Brief: The challenge is to design a ‘Giant’ restaurant, based on the story of ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’, where everything is gigantic, compared to the human scale.



The Faba Restaurant

Jack and the giant hotel | Winners


The Faba restaurant was created with accommodations for guests of any age. In the project, we paid special attention to the human-nature relationship and its impact on human body. The story of Jack and the Magic Beans was an important aspect, as we felt extremely inspired with the young hero’s climbing over the plant and the way he experienced the space.

Editor’s Choice Awards:

Scaled Up

Jack and the giant hotel | Winners


An architectural interpretation of a restaurant inspired by Jack and the Beanstalk. The curiosity of exploring a new world, and the reality of not perfectly fitting into it.

People’s Choice Awards:

The Jungle

Jack and the giant hotel | Winners


‘The Jungle’ addresses the giants’ kingdom with the play of the scale of a day-to-day object, and thereby creates an intimidating fantasy world. The gigantic qualities of the building and the bridge are intended to draw people in by activating curiosity and evoking just enough intimidation.


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