[News] Australia dominates list of finalists at the World Architectural Festival



Jenny Brown| Domain | JUL 14, 2019

If Australia’s world dominance in designing individual houses isn’t proven by the numbers it has marshalled in the finalists’ lists of this year’s World Architectural Festival, then little else could make the case that we are setting the style agendas in home design.

In the recently released shortlists for one of the most exciting of annual international architecture competitions, and in a list of 14 contenders in the “house – completed” division, Australia is there with six quite exceptional buildings. The next best country in terms of representation is the US, with two.

In the “villa – completed” category, we show up with three entries of the 14 finalists. And two of those, coincidentally, are at St Andrews Beach at the back of Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula. Brazil is next best with two in the running.

With this quite remarkable and consistent statistical skewing being repeated for the third consecutive year, we could become blase. But not quite yet because we haven’t actually won either of the main prizes in these fields.

In the context of the World Architectural Festival that will take place in the first week of December in Amsterdam, and across 33 different categories and more than 1000 original entries from 70 countries, Australia is often in with a good chance in an improbable number of divisions.

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