SEDA – Urban Design Studio – Stage-5 – Culmination of Group-work…Group-1…



After mid-semester review the groups worked essentially in three different areas: fine-tuning the first part of the ‘theme’ based on the comments received in mid-semester review, developing the ‘scheme’ in the same manner, and developing the second part of the ‘theme’.

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Second part of the ‘theme’ : Architectural language

The first part of the ‘theme’ comprised of larger components such as: distribution of program, vehicular and pedestrian network, urban open spaces, and urban edges. Decisions made under these components helped the groups in deriving a detailed master-plan for the site, referred as ‘scheme’.

The master-plan was then sub-divided in plots based on the distinct character of each building block. Each of these plots/blocks is not only playing a unique role in the overall master-plan of the tissue, but also has its own requirements in terms of program, margins, etc. In order to fulfil this role a set of rules were worked out for each block. On one hand these rules defined the role of the block in the master-plan, such as connections to adjacent blocks, open space, etc, while on other hand they defined the character of individual block.

This lead to the second and final part of ‘theme’ which had following sections: block configurations (rules for developing the plot/block), circulation, structure (support systems), and wall-sections (architectural elements). The second part of the ‘theme’ describes a set of rules under these heads. These rules, essentially, are an attempt to describe the common building language for the urban tissue. The conclusion of group work marked an important juncture in the design process of the studio. At this point, students role as urban designers came to an end. Further detailing of the individual plots can be done by any student(architect) beyond this point.
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