About Competition

In this competition, students from all over the world are invited to rethink the future port of Beirut that will be rebuilt and invested under F.D.B.O.T (Finance, Design, Built, Operate, and transfer); the Port administration and the ministry of public work and transportation need to set their requirements and condition list that would shape the path of the future; hence, the winners of this competition will have the chance to be part of setting the requirements with the Lebanese authorities and therefore part of rebuilding the port.

We hereby invite all students of the world to join us and contribute their work to the renewal of the Beirut port.
More information at the Inspireli Talk no.3 with the Mayor of Beirut Dr. Itani here:

Requirements / Eligibility

The best about this project is its immense freedom of expression. There are almost no limits set, only that the crucial transport clusters of the port should be kept unchanged. The port needs to operate appropriately with the minimum exploitation possible of the land, and by doing so, more room for economic and social possibilities for investment can be clutched.
Open to STUDENTS worldwide.

Submission / Key Dates

You have to submit your project until FEB 14, 2022 – registration through our website : https://www.inspireli.com/en/awards/beirut-documents

About the Organizer

Beirut Municipality (Lebanese republic Beirut City Council) and OEA – Beirut (Order of Engineers & Architects – Beirut)

INSPIRELI AWARDS, Department of Architecture, CTU in Prague & Alexandre Zein (president and curator, ZEIN Engineering)

Inspireli Awards is the biggest architecture student competition with free topic., free of charge Aside the Award, we announce competitions with a theme and cooperate with the executive bodies around the world – like Beirut Municipality in case of this competition, or STU in Slovakia for their new campus competition.
Inspireli Awards is for students and about students. We are in international community interconnecting universities, architects and students around the globe.


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