Amruta Daulatabadkar Architects

Amruta Daulatabadkar Architects


  • Practice: Amruta Daulatabadkar Architects
  • Firm Location: Aurangabad
  • Country: India
  • Year: 2013

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Amruta Daulatabadkar

An architect graduated from MIT college Aurangabad, her portfolio includes architecture and interiors of residential, commercial, institutional and hospitality projects have also won several awards for her design, an avid animal lover also a member of PFA, Aurangabad.






Practice Ideology

Amruta Daulatabadkar started their firm in April 2013, and their first project was to design a 10ft wide wardrobe for their mother’s friend. Their initial projects were less experimenting but as the opportunities poured they started experimenting with materials, local craftsmanship and creating architectural spaces with concepts going hand in hand with context and fetch in natural light, they consider every project as an opportunity to create and ensure that their every project merges with culture, context and architecture. As a part of the firm, ethos is the zeal to move forward ethically, they are committed to making interactive spaces where users are connected either visually or vocally, they received their first award (JK cement award) by Ar. B.V Doshi for the project inward-looking courtyard house and several other awards. After that there was no turning back, at present their portfolio includes architecture and interior of private residences, hostels, restaurants, institutional buildings and many more. For them, every project regardless of its size is approached with the same enthusiasm and clients requirements are considered of utmost importance and they will continue to do so.

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