Avanto Architects

Avanto Architects


  • Practice: Avanto Architects
  • Website: avan.to/
  • Firm Location: Helsinki
  • Country: Finland
  • Year: NA

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Anu Puustinen

Anu is co-founder of Avanto Architects Ltd, studied at TU Delft Netherlands and Aalto University where she graduated as Master of Science in 2004. Anu is passionate about architecture and wants to develop her projects to perfection working hard even on smallest details. She has impeccable talent to create unique atmosphere to each design and she doesn’t give up until she is fully satisfied with the results.





Ville Hara

Ville is the other founder of Avanto Architects Ltd and studied at Ecole d’Architecture Paris-Belleville and Aalto University where he graduated as Master of Science in 2002. Ville is creative person that develops concepts out of the box like his winning entry in Wood Studio student competition, the lookout tower Kupla, that became his diploma project as well. On the other side he is very precise and requires high accuracy in the design.




Practice Ideology

Avanto Architects is a Helsinki based architecture agency founded in 2004. Avanto means “hole in the ice” and refers to the popular Finnish hobby of winter bathing. We want that our architecture is a powerful experience just like jumping to ice cold water. With our high quality architecture design, we have helped our clients create success stories and reach their goals in branding, visibility and even economically. Architecture by Avanto makes a difference. With partners from different disciplines worldwide, we create new type of places where design, sustainability and personal experience are the key elements. Awarded with over twenty international prizes and with significant global press coverage, Avanto is one of the most prominent Finnish architecture offices.

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