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Between Spaces


  • Practice: Between Spaces
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  • Firm Location: 473, 16th B Cross 5th Main Road HSR Layout, Sector 6 Bangalore- 560102
  • Country: India
  • Year: 2010

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Ar. Pramod Jaiswal

Pramod Jaiswal is the Founding Partner and Principal Architect. Pramod graduated from Bangalore Institute of Technology, Bangalore. He trained under V.K. Giridhar worked with Hundred hands from 2005 to 2011. At Hundredhands, he has worked on some of the award winning projects and competition projects.

Pramod always sensed a huge void of a good teacher back in his academic life and hence started going to architecture colleges since 2010. He has been going as a visiting faculty to BMS College of Engineering in Bangalore and Dayanand Sagar College of Engineering in Bangalore, R. V. College of Architecture in Bangalore and CMRU in Bangalore to share his treasure trove of knowledge which he has gathered while working on different kinds of projects in the last 15 years of his professional life. He is always ready to share his knowledge should one approach, otherwise there is always Jazz, Hip- Hop and Hard Rock.

He respects complexities and detests complications. With a keen sense of detailing, he is always exploring for an idiom that makes Architecture expressive, meaningful, and sensitive to its context.

Ar. Divya.E

Divya Ethirajan is the Founding Partner and Principal Architect. She graduated from R.V. College of Engineering, Bangalore.

Her Architectural Thesis on Rejuvenation of Russell Market, Bangalore, won all India best thesis award in 2007 at National Institute of Advanced Studies in Architecture (NIASA). Divya has interned with Arya Architects in Ahmedabad and continued working there post her graduation and thereafter with Hundredhands from 2006 to 2010. During this time she got to work on residential, commercial, hospitality and several award winning competition projects. In 2010, she teamed up with Pramod Jaiswal to start BetweenSpaces.

Her keen sense of punctuality, simplicity and immense patience has been instrumental in developing the ethos of the practice. You will always find her smiling but don’t get deceived by her silence or her smiles because she is listening to every word you speak, processing it and working on the design solution. She is a multi-tasker

Practice Ideology

We have realized that our work gets hugely influenced by our own personality and so in a way our work is an expression of our beliefs.

The practice concerns itself with contextually relevant design, understand the local condition, the traditional method of construction and design a building which celebrates the spirit of the place and time with a contemporary undertone. As much as the practice is concerned about innovation, it gives equal importance to specificity of the projects. The more specific we make a building, the more they communicate about the place, people and the culture.

Physical, economic, social and cultural contexts define the generative tools for design that give clues to transform an ordinary space into a distinctive experience.

In all our works, irrespective of the size and nature, we endeavor to achieve a balance between ever changing, pluralistic milieu and the rich traditions we are rooted to.

We love complex spaces. We enjoy working with natural materials but most importantly we like to keep it simple.

On interdisciplinary or collaborative approach:

Our work comes from the voice of many and not just the two of us. We strongly believe that collaboration can bring different hues to projects. It opens up unexplored venues. However it is important to share similar ethos and beliefs. A project should be able to make some room for contradictions as well. These imperfections and contradictions make a project rich.

On local/global context in our work:

We depend a lot on the images from our past, from our childhood, from our general day to day life as to how we use spaces and what makes certain things special. We let these images and moods guide us to explore materials and spaces and eventually give us a complete image of the building. So our endeavor is to understand the local condition, the traditional method of construction and design a building which celebrates the spirit of the place and time with a contemporary undertone. There is no single formula that can be applied globally. Architecture has to be site specific and contextually relevant.

On influence of people and ideas on our work:

It all starts with us and what we are seeking. When we speak about our own personal life, our own aspirations, we tend to question every moment of our life and we figured out that we are most satisfied when we keep things simple.

That just allows us to focus on more important things, allows us to enjoy small things, build a memory that would last long and enrich our lives. We enjoy going back to Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore every opportunity we get. That’s one building which can teach us more about life, about happiness, about melancholy, about light and shadow, about being sensuous and at the same time being masculine, about being timeless and how to age gracefully.

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