DAFdf Arquitectura y Urbanismo

DAFdf Arquitectura y Urbanismo


  • Practice: DAFdf Arquitectura y Urbanismo
  • Website: dafdf.mx/
  • Firm Location: Mexico City
  • Country: Mexico
  • Year: 2009

(“Text as submitted by Architect”)

Gabriela Bojalil Rébora

M. Arq Gabriela Bojalil Rébora (Mexico DF, Mexico) studied at the Faculty of Architecture of UNAM, and made a master in design at Harvard GSD from which she graduated with honors. She worked in Mexico with Alberto Kalach and in Rotterdam with MVRDV, West (Urban Design and Architecture, and Office for metropolitan Architecture (OMA).
She participated in prestigious projects in Los Angeles, Beijing, Cordoba, Riga and Mexico for the project of Torre Bicentenario, before returning to Mexico in 2009 to start her own practice.

Paul J.J. van der Voort

Arq. Paul J.J. van der Voort (Haarlem, Holland) graduated from the Faculty of Architecture of TU Delft. After working in Belin, Zurich and Amsterdam, he worked 4 years in KCAP in Rotterdam.

In 1998 becomes co-founder and partner of DaF-architecten, Rotterdam and has been active designing and building a serious portfolio of projects in the Netherlands. In Parallel, he has been architecture design teacher at Delft University, Tilburg academy and Willem de Kooning art Academy in Rotterdam, before starting to work in Mexico in 2009.

In 2011 he was co-curator for the expo “Design Code, Amsterdam – Bruxelles” at the Franz Mayer Museum in Mexico and was organizer, curator and designer for the “Waterworks” expo along with the Netherlands Embassy and Nuffic Neso, Mexico City (2012 – 2013).

Paul is frequently asked to give presentations about architecture and urbanism relation to water management.

Practice Ideology

DAFDF was founded in 2009 by the Mexican architect Gabriela Bojalil and the Dutch architect Paul van der Voort.  We have extensive experience working on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean and in our partnership, we combine North and Latin-American and the European reference. The work of the office shows an innovative and diverse approach. We respond rapidly and exactly to the clients demands, looking for original and effective design solutions that try to avoid fashion but instead explore the contemporary. We believe that design strategy and design technics are applicable in every type of scale, be it urban planning, architecture or interior design. Apart from form finding an image, design requires a more abstract level of working: Organizing required program in a given space with a certain expressiveness and cultural meaning, is a complex kind of labor that touches on almost all aspects of society and life. DAFDF believes to master that kind of work. DAFDF is used to collaborate in large scale projects, coordinate between parties and advice the client on programmatic issues. We work together with the best experts on cost calculation, market research, structural engineering, installations, landscape and vegetation, lightening and mobility.

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