Dall’Ovo Magalhães Arquitetura

Dall’Ovo Magalhães Arquitetura


  • Practice: Dall’Ovo Magalhães Arquitetura
  • Website: dallovomagalhaes.com.br/
  • Firm Location: São Paulo
  • Country: Brazil
  • Year: 2020

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Dall'Ovo Magalhães Arquitetura

Lucas Dall’Ovo

Lucas Dall’Ovo is an architect and urban planner graduated from Mackenzie Presbyterian University in 1998. He worked with renowned Brazilian architects, acquiring strong experience with high-standard residential design. In 2002 he began his solo career and founded his first architectural firm, of which he was a partner until 2008. Since then, he has continued to develop residential, corporate, and institutional projects and a wide range of projects and implementation of residential subdivisions. He is passionate about architecture, tireless in the pursuit of quality, and attentive to the details of each project.


Dall'Ovo Magalhães Arquitetura

Fabiano Magalhães

Fabiano Magalhães has a master’s degree in architecture, urbanism, and design from Belas Artes graduated in 2022, and is also an architect and urban planner, graduated from Mackenzie Presbyterian University in 1998. He had professional contact with award-winning Brazilian architects. These experiences brought him experience in residential design, architecture, retail, corporate, and large projects: hangar, shopping center, and industry. In 2018 he worked in Portugal and Qatar on the Ras Abu Abboud stadium project for the 2022 World Cup. He lives architecture with intensity.


Practice Ideology 

As architects, we are passionate about designing, transforming, and providing quality to spaces! Excellent service; we are sought after for our expertise based on our work’s inspirational and aesthetic value. Complete projects and solutions for the architectural work are constructed as we envisioned and as originally presented to the client. This goes beyond the graphic material, as we offer all the assistance to the work, to the suppliers, and, mainly, to the customer.

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