Haddock Architecture

Haddock Architecture


(“Text as submitted by architect”)

Haddock Architecture defends a rational and frugal architecture which strives to return to “the essence of things”. The material is always thought out according to its constructive dimension. The raw materials used show their natural quality and the intelligibility of the assemblies. Conscious of the global nature of the world in which we operate, our architecture seeks to fit into the heart of interactions between cultural, economic and geographic ecosystems. The agency is attached to local resources and vernacular know-how, for their radicalism, their intelligence and their potential in contemporary architecture. Without formal and aesthetic parties, our approach is part of a positive and uninhibited experience vis-à-vis ordinary programs, minor situations or “already there”. The agency was built by pooling and comparing diverse experiences, acquired over several years of collaboration in an agency on equipment and rehabilitation projects. It draws from it its vitality and its daily development, in the constantly renewed encounter of our experiences and personalities. Its operation, both distant and close, stimulates and reinvents our practice. It encourages us to explore and develop new tools for production, organization and communication. Collaborative work is thus part of the DNA of the agency, and has naturally become widespread in the production of our projects with other project management players.


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