mar.s architects

mar.s architects


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Martin Šenberger (Principal Architect)

Practice Ideology

Mar.s believes in the transformative power of design to change the trajectories of individuals and entire communities. As early innovators changed the way people live, learn, and work, mar.s changed the way one thinks about space—as a unique resource for expressing a singular vision and fostering extraordinary success. While their influence and expertise have expanded, their flexible approach to design remains the same. They push the boundaries, with an emphasis on establishing close partnerships with their clients and the trust needed to take big and small steps forward together. Mar.s keeps their structure open, allowing them to create diverse teams with knowledge tailored to the challenge at hand. Based on the trust gained from their clients, mar.s goes beyond what is and represents what could be. Solutions rooted in tradition but open to the unexpected. Breakthrough solutions that move people and organizations to new possibilities.

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