Nilay Patalia Architects

Nilay Patalia Architects


  • Practice: Nilay Patalia Architects
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  • Firm Location: Bengaluru
  • Country: India
  • Year: 2005

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Nilay  Patalia

Nilay graduated from School of Architecture, CEPT, Ahmedabad in 2002. He worked with Mathew & Ghosh Architects during which he worked on different architectural projects and competitions. He later founded his practice in Bengaluru in 2005. The firm has been involved in design of projects of diverse scales and typologies ranging from residential, industrial, hospitality and interiors. He is actively involved in academics and has been teaching as a visiting faculty at RVCA Bengaluru.



Practice Ideology

We are a small firm focusing on a design based practice. For us, the key factors informing the design are ‘site and its context’ as well as the ‘program’. We start each project with a fresh approach in exploring its potential.

A lot of time is spent on understanding and debating the program which helps in expanding it beyond the requirements of the client. Each project starts with ‘diagramming’ which is the most important process of generating the idea for the given program. A series of doodles, schematic massing models and sketches are made to generate a multiple diagrams which are then translated to scaled schematic drawings and model. This follows a series of back and forth work in developing the design by working simultaneously on drawings, physical models and 3d views.

The design process is then a search for an ‘appropriate contemporary expression’ in direct response to the particular context and program rather than a generalized solution. The articulation and detailing is also done in a way so as to enhance the inherent nature of the ‘expression’ further.

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