• Practice: Sthapotik
  • Website:
  • Firm Location: Dhaka
  • Country: Bangladesh
  • Year: 2007

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Architect Md. Sharif Uddin Ahammed started his profession in 2005 after graduating from the discipline of architecture at Khulna University. He founded his practice, “Sthapotik”, in 2007 with the motto of a responsive environment in architecture. By responsive environment, he addresses the sensitive architectural practice, which involves climatic, contextual, cultural, economic, social, material, and sustainable responsiveness. He has a keen desire to observe and learn from his surroundings which reflects in his projects. His practice is studio-based, always seeking a new venture yet connecting the heritage and culture with contextual validity. His works range from the schools for special needs to low-cost housing, mosques, residences, and apartments to corporate head offices, University buildings, Industries and interior.

Practice Ideology

STHAPOTIK is a nationally recognized architectural firm providing award-winning design, construction and consulting services to discerning clients. STHAPOTIK operates at the edges of the discipline in collaboration with other fields to explore and re-invent the many intersections between architecture and the “everything else”. 


“Responsive environments in architecture” – this is what we believe in and what we hope to make our clients feel through our excellent services. STHAPOTIK believes the promise of new possibilities for Architecture to engage and shape the future lies in the revision of boundaries between the urban, the rural and the natural.


Since its inception in 2007, STHAPOTIK has built a reputation for innovative design and exceptional services by principal architect Sharif Uddin Ahamed. The firm has become known for its sensitive design approaches with an exceptional choice of materials and quality. Every project has a solid conceptual basis derived from each client’s specific needs and aspirations. It has a team of qualified and dedicated young professionals who have developed unique skills to finish successful projects. 

Several awards have been won nationally by the firm. In 2011 STHAPOTIK won the 2nd prize in an Open Architectural Design Competition for the design of Agrani Bank Bhaban-3 at Shahbag, Dhaka, in Association with IAB in 2011 and Commendation Award of Berger Award for Excellence in Architecture organized by Berger, Bangladesh in Association with IAB in 2019. 

STHAPOTIK tried to step into the international field by participating in various international competitions. The firm received World Architecture Award in the 5th cycle for designing the School Cyclone Shelter in 2009, shortlisted for the 2A Asia Architecture Award organized by 2A Art & Architecture Magazine, Vienna, in 2016. Further, and shortlisted for MH 17 Memorial + Park, an international competition organized by MATTERBETTER in 2014.

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