stu.dere – Oficina de Arquitetura e Design

stu.dere – Oficina de Arquitetura e Design


  • Practice: stu.dere – Oficina de Arquitetura e Design
  • Website:
  • Firm Location: Amarante
  • Country: Portugal
  • Year: 2016

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Ulisses Costa

Architect by the Faculty of Architecture and Arts of University Lusíada from Porto in 2014 and Vice-President of the Center for Architecture and Design at the University Lusíada from Porto (NADULP) from 2012 to 2013. Did an internship at the “ Center international d’études des patrimoines culturels du Charolais-Brionnais”  in 2012 and 2013, within the scope of the Architectural Survey of Romanesque Heritage. Member of the organizing committee of the TEDx Penafiel event “Pequeno é o Novo Grande”, in 2014. Publication of an article in the 7th edition of Revista Oppidum – Archeology, History and Heritage magazine – about the Torre da Pena Project: “Torre da Pena: intervenção no Património Esquecido e sua Envolvente.” Winner of the Muse Design Awards 2020 – doubly distinguished with the Gold Award for the Studere project and the Silver Award for the Lavandaria Morinha, these works having been published both in Portugal and abroad.

Practice Ideology

Founded in 2016, located in Vila Meã, Amarante, by Ulisses Costa, dedicated to the development of Architecture Projects, Interior Architecture and Design.

stu.dere is a studio of architecture & design, and a space for multicultural events. The word stu.dere was introduced by the Romans, and it means disciples. But they go further and deeper in its meaning, for them, it means that the disciple strives and puts all its efforts to achieve a goal.

Its mission is to combine quality, innovation and design in the creation of its projects and attract clients by its excellence and know-how, asserting itself as a different brand in the market by providing a service of professionalism, accuracy and competence.

The studio chooses to do a multidisciplinary approach to each challenge it embraces, establishing specific partnerships in various areas to present the client with a global solution.

Here we value the pursuit of different architectural approaches and paradigms to respond to challenges presented by each client, reflecting in the work a posture that questions the surroundings, which take us to a perfect balance between the formal, strategic and sensorial point of view.

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