Britannia Range Durian Decorative Laminates

Britannia Range Durian Decorative Laminates


  • Company: Durian
  • Use: Interior Decorative Laminates
  • Application: Residential, commercial, Industrial
  • Characteristics/Benefits: Urea Free, Easy To Clean, Termite and Borer Proof, Scratch Resistant, Sound Isulation, Impact resistant, Low water absorption, Stain Resistant, Anti-Bacterial, Super High Gloss, REsistance to color change
  • Format: Sheets of 8’ x 4’
  • Guarantee: Company provides warranty that the product is free from any manufacturing defects and is suitable to use for normal and usual purpose. In case of any visual defects, the product should not be used, cut, or altered in any manner. Company liability will be limited to extent to the cost extent the cost of product only. The colour/ Shade may vary  lot to lot. Do inspect properly before using the product. Company will not entertain any claim if the product is cut or altered in any manner for any visual appearance, shade change/ difference.

Product Description

Durian’s Britannia range is a collection of premium laminates available in 0.70 mm thickness. Keeping current market conditions is mind; Durian has decided to launch its Britannia range as a cost-effective alternative to other more expensive brands. By utilizing economies of scale, Durian is able maintain quality and reduce costs so as to target the mass market.

Type:     Conventional Laminates
Range: Britannia – 0.7mm (Other thickness available on request)
Size: 1220 mm x 2440 mm (8’x4’)
Product Standard:
Comprising to British European Standard: BS EN 438
American NEMA LD 3
BIS (Bureau of Indian standard) IS: 2046
BIS (Bureau of Indian standard) IS: 2036 grade
P1 Phenolic/ Electronic Insulation
ISO 4586

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