Floor spring



  • Company: Dormakaba
  • Use: Security, controlling movement of door, secured locking system
  • Characteristics/Benefits: Proven, robust design capable of withstanding leaf weights of upto 300kg Constant, temperatureindependent closing cycle Highly efficient mechanism gives maximum user convenience.Constant, temperature independent closing cycle, withstanding leaf weights of upto 120kg, Highly efficient mechanism,Slim product range offering all functions, Easy installation
  • Colour: Silver and other finishes

Product Description

Successfully tailored to satisfy the special requirements governing floor springs for double action doors, dormakaba floor springs offers a particularly shallow design and thus all the advantages of a reduced installation depth. With two closing ranges and a choice of models, the floor spring can fulfill virtually any application requirement while providing all the reliability associated with assured quality from dormakaba. The floor springs are manufactured as per European Standard EN 1154. All the door closers are tested for durability of 500,000 cycles.

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