Door Closers



  • Company: Dormakaba
  • Use: Security, controlling movement of door, secured locking system
  • Characteristics/Benefits: Non Handed Design, RF - Hold Open Unit, EMF - Electro Mechanical Hold Open, RMZ - Smoke Detector, EMR - Electro Mechanical Hold Open, with Integral Smoke Detector, Finish : Silver
  • Colour: Silver and other finishes

Product Description

The dormakaba CAM action door closer combines technical superiority with outstanding value, and unites advanced design with convenient functionality – all on the basis of its heart shaped cam. The doorclosers are manufactured as per European Standard EN 1154. All the doorclosers are tested for durability of 500,000 cycles.The dormakaba concealed door closer has ushered in a new era in door closer technology. The closer body and slide channel are so compact that they can be installed out of sight in doors and their frames. These devices offer the same high quality expected of dormakaba door closers, as characterised by their ease of operation for the user, and wide range of functions. The doorclosers are manufactured as per European Standard EN 1154.Door coordinators are used on a pair of Self-closing doors when there is a need to make the doors close in a sequential order.

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