• Company: Durian
  • Use: Cladding to decorative the exterior of a building
  • Application: Exterior Façade of any building
  • Characteristics/Benefits: ECGL is resistant to Ultra Violet light, Water, Hail, Adverse Weather, Termite and Borer. It meets international EN 438 EGstandard of high resistance to abrasion and colour fading in extreme conditions. Since ECGL is delamination proof, splinter proof and anti static, it is an ideal product for exterior application.
  • Colour: Grey, Browns, Wooden Finish, Black, White, Beige

About ECGL

DURIAN Exterior Compact Grade Laminate (ECGL) is a self-supporting HPL (High Pressure Laminates) which has excellent stability to withstand all shortfalls seen in other external application substrates. ECGL is an ideal option as cladding to decorate the exterior of a building. Exterior Grade Film used by Durian is a two-layer high efficient weather-and UV-protection film. The presence of a PVDF layer on the upper surface of our film brings the following properties linked to the low surface tension, optimal UV resistance and high chemical resistance.

  • Longer UV protection
  • Chemical resistance
  • Easy to clean including graffiti
  • Anti soiling
  • Anti fouling

Durian ECGL is a durable and versatile product, which is highly suitable for exterior applications. ECGL is easy to apply, easy to maintain and very convenient to handle. The strength of ECGL gives an added advantage of extended life when compared to other external surface decoration materials.

Durian ECGL is extremely durable with international styling and a wide range of colours available in both horizontal and vertical designs. Its excellent technical properties make it suitable for the building industry as an ideal alternative to traditional materials.

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