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  • Project Name: Mount Pavilia Residence
  • Completion year: 2019
  • Gross Built up Area: 84.1sqm, 90.6sqm (including balcony, utility platform and verandah, if any)
  • Project Location: Hong Kong
  • Country: China
  • Design Team: Kenrick Wong, Magic Kwan, Fionne Chan, Harrison Lai
  • Clients: Private
  • Photo Credits: Magic Kwan, Kenrick Wong
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Project Description

(Text as submitted by the Architects)

Artistry and functionality are the same idea

Conceived as a flowing spatial art piece, the Mount Pavilia Residence finds the perfect combination of artistry and functionality that forms the new multifunctional new home for a professional couple. Our approach on this project was more than merely a minimalistic aesthetic or functionalistic ideal. We believe that functionless ornament is a crime. However, the spatial experience and quality should not be constrained by the functional requirements. In fact, practicality is a basic requirement, not a style.

Floor Plan


Living & Dining Post


View from living room to study room and bedroom


Sliding Cabinet


Site Specific, timeless comfort

Also, our design style is complementary to the existing environment, not just any cookie cutter fit-out. Instead of a thematic home design, which can be interesting but requires constant changes to stay relevant to trends, we allow the design to emerge naturally from the home environment and clients, to achieve timelessness.

 Personalised design: Partition System to easily transform 3-room flat to one big studio space

Each element in this residence has been carefully considered and fitted to the clients’ needs. The design allows for the spaces to be transformed to suit different usages and times of day. The center partition connecting the study/reading room to the living room can be opened in different ways to be used as a wall and a door. The clients enjoy having family and friends stay over occasionally, so the room is designed to be able to be opened as a part of the living room or closed off to become a guest bedroom. On other days, all the partitions can be opened to transform the 3-room flat easily into one big studio space.

Coffee table cabinet


Moment of the TV Cabinet


Connection of the coffee table cabinet



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