Recycled Architecture | Winners

Recycled Architecture | Winners


Recycled Architecture and Adaptive Reuse is a theme that is part of the contest series ArchWeekly, a new brand of journal competitions inviting participants to engage in critical conversations on selected themes from several disciplines of architecture and design.

Human activities have created a lot of waste in the process of development of cities. Architects and constructors are undeniably responsible for this as bulk of the waste is contributed by the construction industry.

Recycling and adaptive reusing are modern initiatives taken for waste reduction in urban cities. It aims to promote environmental sustainability by substituting raw material input and redirecting waste output out of the economic system. It reduces pressure on the economy and has a positive impact on the environment as well.  Recycling or upcycling of materials and structures have now started to become popular in architecture as an alternative to the mass production of components in construction.

The contest aims to open a dialogue that fosters the culture of recycling and reuse through stories, accounts or even observations.



John Ombrog

A Significant Second Life

Recycled Architecture | Winners

An essay on the untold significance of Adaptive Reuse and its many facets.


Honourable Mention:



Adaptive Reuse, A Prototype For The New Norms Of Sustainability.

Recycled Architecture | Winners

An ode to sustainable living.


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