Result Announced | Bauhaus Campus


Posted on: July 1st, 2021

Result Announced | Bauhaus Campus


Between November 2020 and May 2021, arkitekturo challenged architecture students from all around the world to imagine how the Bauhaus Campus would look like if the iconic school from early 1900 were to re-open its doors a century after it was first established.

Over 1700 students from 82 different countries worked on this brief to submit 388 original and unique proposals, all of which can be seen on the competition’s page.


bauhaus campus_1st prize hero

The jury, which included addenda architects, authors of the recently inaugurated Bauhaus Museum in Dessau, just a half a mile away from the Campus competition site, unanimously selected the project “Performatic Machine” by the CCMM team, formed by Alejandro Cuadro and Romina Mangini from Universidad de la República Uruguay.

bauhaus campus_1st prize panel

Their project successfully solved the brief at a number of scales, from urban planning to furniture design, and showed that these two very mature students are ready to face real-life, complex projects.

More about their project here

Second Prize

bauhaus campus_2nd prize hero

The second prize was awarded to the BauhausSlovenia team, formed by Tamara Nunčič, Iva Živković, and Davor Žebovec from the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia.

The jury highlighted their ability to use a simple circle as the generating geometry through their building, at all scales, and their capacity to create an open fluid space where necessary but also the necessary and desired privacy when needed.

bauhaus campus_2nd prize hero

More about their project here.

Third Winner

The third prize went to team MKAT, formed by Gabriele Mori and Polina Kotmysheva, from Samara State Technical University, Russia.

bauhaus campus_3rd prize hero

Although their project might seem taken from a sci-fiction movie at first, the truth is it raises a lot of interesting questions and suggests truly unique architectural solutions that, as far as the jury and the organization know, have not been proposed ever before.

bauhaus campus_3rd prize panel

Their vision might be ahead of our time, but close enough to be achievable with a bit of imagination.

More about their project here.

Honorable Mentions
The 10 Honorable Mentions were awarded to teams that came up with interesting architectural solutions, but that didn’t necessarily achieve a complete and cohesive project. These are not runner-ups, but projects with some characteristics that the jury considered deserved to be highlighted.

The Honorable Mentions were awarded to the following.

Project Name: No-Hierarchy Campus

bauhaus campus_ HM Trial Venue
Team Name: Trial Venue
Team Members: Xiaozhi Qi, Deng Zhaoyi, Bizuan Cui, Sitong Chen
School: University of Liverpool, Qingdao University of Technology and Guangzhou University

Project Name: Bauhaus Campus 2021
bauhaus campus_HM MKLS

Team Name: MKLS
Team Members: Daiana Belén Mosna Solange, Leonardo Martin Torres, Álvaro Kevin López, Horacio Rodriguez Lautaro, Karen Diaz
School: Universidad Nacional de Moreno, Argentina

Project Name: Bauhaus Campus #1657

bauhaus campus_HM AHCM
Team Name: AHCM
Team Members: Claudio Advíncula Altamirano, Denis Huamán, Santiago Chahuara, Michelle Martínez, María José Huaroto, Johana Suni
School: Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú

Project Name: A Space for Sustainable Reinassance

bauhaus campus_ HM Bennet Harvey Design Group

Team Name: Bennet Harvey Design Group
Team Members: Bennet Harvey
School: Azrieli School of Architecture and Urbanism, Canada

Project Name: The Mobile University

bauhaus campus_ HM WhiteDot

Team Name: WhiteDot
Team Members: Magdalena Albert Andonova, Zlatimira Zdravkova Simeonova
School: University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy, Bulgaria

Project Name: NeuHaus

bauhaus campus_ HM CHallenging Hues
Team Name: Challenging hues
Team Members: Shantanu Parikh, Chintan Ahir, Payal Merja
School: Institute of Architecture and Planning, Nirma University, India

Project Name: Bauhaus Campus 2021

bauhaus campus_ HM OLG studio
Team Name: OLG studio
Team Members: Zishuo Zhang, Dingwen Wu, Xiaohan Ren, Ziyan Ge
School: Tongji University in CHINA

Project Name: %

bauhaus campus_ HM CFCs
Team Name: CFCs
Team Members: Choy Joseph Jan Yip, Chan Chung Hei Jason, Chen Yushan, Fan Ka Mak
School: The University of Hong Kong

Project Name: The Crack

bauhaus campus_ HM COLECTIVO 24
Team Name: COLECTIVO 24
Team Members: Jair Galeano Mesa, Mariana Torres Arroyave, Daniel Gómez Fernández, Santiago Morales Zapata, Steven Ríos Marín, Valentina Barrios Villafañe, Dayanna Alexandra Muñoz Barreto
School: Universidad Nacional de Colombia

Project Name: Bauhaus Campus 2021

bauhaus campus_ HM SamArch
Team Name: SamArch Team
Team Members: Sadovnikov Nikita Yurievich, Zuikov Dmitriy Vladimirovich
School: Samara State Technical University

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